Expose Critical Race Theory

The CRT Database, a project of the Great American Patriot Project, is the only online database that tracks Critical Race Theory bigots in real time. Concerned citizens are encouraged to help keep elected officials, educators, community leaders accountable for the spread of racist Critical Race Theory beliefs by reporting CRT advocates to expand our database in order to provide the most up-to-date information for the American people. Submissions are vetted and verified through publicly available information.

Those individuals engaged in publicly spreading the hateful ideologies that CRT are built upon, have put themselves in the public spotlight and therefore this database is in no way, shape, or form meant to DOXX these individuals, simply hold them accountable for their bigoted beliefs.

We sourced the original database of Critical Race Theorists from a petition in support of CRT published online by The Zinn Project, an offshoot of an educational non-profit with anarchist and socialist roots. Please consider donating to our efforts so that we may expand our database and continue to expose Critical Race Theory bigots across America.

CRT Supporters


We need your help! We are trying to raise $250,000 to do a nationwide petition of teachers to identify who supports and who opposes critical race theory. Please consider making a contribution to help keep our children safe from these racist attacks.

Do you have information about a CRT bigot in your community? Please fill out the form below to submit their name and location for addition to the CRT Database. Your information remains confidential and will not be shared publicly.

If you have additional documentation like homework assignments or video of CRT in your children's school, please email expose@exposecriticalracetheory.org